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Money costs

The costs you need to consider for growing your own plants

Here you will learn: There are many reasons to take the cultivation of your favourite plants into your own hands. Cannabis is still an illegal drug under the Narcotics Act in Germany, but this will change with the announced legalisation. Not only consumption and possession, but also cultivation will become legal in Germany. Those who…

Lohnt sich der Kauf eines Grow Komplettsets?
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Komplettsets f├╝r den Indoor Grow: Lohnt sich der Kauf 2023?

Hier erf├Ąhrst du: Wenn du Indoor growen willst, hast du tausend Fragen im Kopf, besonders als Anf├Ąnger. Welche Lampe ist die beste? Wie gro├č muss mein Growzelt sein? Passen die einzelnen Komponenten ├╝berhaupt zusammen? Indoor growen ist ein komplexes Thema, bei dem viele Parameter ber├╝cksichtigt werden m├╝ssen. Hier empfiehlt es sich, einen Blick auf Komplettsets…

Cannabis Legalisierung in Deutschland

This is how Germany plans the legalisation of Cannabis!

Here you will learn: Last update: 17 February 2023 It’s crazy. According to the Federal Ministry of Health, there are around 74,000 alcohol-related deaths in Germany every year. Not a single one, however, due to the consumption of cannabis. Alcohol is legal and was even listed as a basic foodstuff in Bavaria. Cannabis is considered…

Light Bulbs
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Wie finde ich das beste Growlight in 2023?

Hier lernst du: Tja, jetzt stehst du da. Du hast dich ├╝ber die verschiedenen Growlights informiert und auch die Vorteile von LEDs gegen├╝ber herk├Âmmlichen Leuchtmitteln verstanden. Nun bist du auf der Suche nach dem besten Growlight f├╝r deine eigenen Bed├╝rfnisse. Sicherlich bist du ein wenig ├╝berfordert mit dem Angebot, das der Markt zu bieten hat….

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6 reasons why LED growlights are better compared to other growlights!

Here you’ll learn: You want to grow successfully indoor and are now thinking about which sodium vapour lamp is the right one? Or you swear by metal halide lamps and are already comparing the best models with each other. Then we have to disappoint you. The old guard of artificial light sources has served its…

How to find the perfect pot size for your plant in just 10 minutes!
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How to find the perfect pot size for your plant in just 10 minutes!

Here you’ll learn: There are countless factors that need to be taken into account for a (successful) grow. The choice of pot size for your plants also plays a role that should not be underestimated. Simply planting in large pots will fit? Hardly! After all, you’re here to leave nothing to chance and make your…