Canna Bio Terra Plus Soil 50L


Biologically certified Canna Bio Terra Plus soil composed of 100% natural substances.

  • Composition of peat, bark and coco.
  • pre-fertilized with self-regulating effect
  • airy-loose structure even after watering

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Biocanna Bio Terra Plus, here in a 50 liter bag, is a biologically certified soil substrate.
Bio Terra Plus consists of 100% natural substances such as various types of peat as well as coco and bark and is rich in nutrients. In addition, with the substrate is pre-fertilized with biologically certified ingredients, trace elements derived from natural sources.

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The peat used meets the strictest quality specifications and is found only in a few places in the world. The long fiber structure results in the peat being lighter and airier.

Furthermore, Bio Terra Plus Bio Terra Plus contains a special, high-quality bark. This bark prevents the growth of harmful mold cultures.

In addition, the substrate contains coco, which is also of very high quality. Due to the special sterilization method, the unique spongy structure of the Coco remains unaffected.

Bio Terra Plus offers the additional property that as soon as not enough nutrients are supplied via the nutrient solution, the plant absorbs the required nutrients itself from the substrate. Because of this self-regulating effect of the Bio Terra Plus substrate and its unique properties, growers now have the possibility to cultivate their plants in a natural and easy way.

The advantages of Bio Canna Terra Plus:

  • Composed of 100% natural substances.
  • Certified organic to meet international standards.
  • Rich in nutrients and minerals.
  • Self-regulating for a balanced nutrient balance in the substrate.


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