CANNA Cannazym

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CANNAZYM is a high quality enzyme product that accelerates the breakdown of dead root mass and activates helpful microorganisms. CANNAZYM helps the plant absorb nutrients and increases resistance to disease. Enzymes are substances that accelerate all reactions within living organisms. They play a crucial role in digestion, for example.

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The enzymes in CANNAZYM have many advantages

  • They convert dead root material into sugars and minerals. This is important because minerals and sugars are a valuable source of nutrients for plants. CANNAZYM consists of more than 12 different types of enzymes to which vitamins and enzymes from desert plants have been added. These components increase the nutrient absorption capacity and improve the plant’s defense system. The vitamins help hormone production.
  • They help in root development. The easily absorbed vitamins in CANNAZYM stimulate the plant to form new roots. This also increases the health of the plant.
    CANNAZYM prevents the development of harmful bacteria and mold. Dead roots create an ideal environment for molds. They pose a threat to the healthy root system. Mold causes stress throughout the plant and inhibits further growth. CANNAZYM prevents rotting so that no toxic substances can form and the risk of diseases is drastically reduced.
  • CANNAZYM improves the soil environment by rapidly decomposing root debris, contributing to a balanced hydrological regime and good air flow in the soil.
  • CANNAZYM is indispensable when it comes to reusing a substrate. The remaining roots are quickly dissolved and transformed into beneficial nutrients. Infections are prevented and the water/air ratio in the root environment is improved. You can use CANNAZYM throughout the entire growth cycle, from seedling to harvest.

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250 ml, 500 ml, 1 l, 5 l, 10l


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