CANNA Aqua Vega

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CANNA Aqua Vega is a fast-working fertilizer that provides all the essential elements for optimal growth. The growth phase is important because it is during this period that the foundation is laid for lush flowering and high yields. Aqua Vega is used in recirculating systems such as NFT or ebb-and-flow systems.

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Advantages of CANNA Aqua Vega

  • Aqua Vega is an easy to use product with instant solubility. Aqua Vega fertilizer contains pH stabilizers, so that it is no longer necessary to regulate the pH value single-handedly.
  • Aqua Vega ensures a healthy plant with vigorous growth and a strong root system.
  • Directly absorbable nitrogen, high quality chelated iron and trace elements ensure an ideal start to flowering.

Why A&B components?

CANNA Aqua Vega nutrients consist of two parts, an A component and a B component. We separate the components for a reason. It can happen that if you were to put both components in one bottle, they would stick together to form gypsum and would no longer be available for the plant. Therefore, bottle A should be added to the nutrient solution first, and after proper mixing, bottle B should be added.

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