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FLOWA POWA refillable activated carbon filter for the FlowaOne.

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The activated carbon filter of the FlowaOne grow light

It can be easily changed within one minute without tools.

Looking for an easy way to grow at home?

Check out our stealthy full spectrum LED grow light with ventilation and filtration!
Flowapowa LED Grow light

Even the pure activated carbon can be replaced separately by opening the filter – resource-saving and environmentally friendly.

With a CTC number (a characteristic number for air filter performance) of greater than 80, the most powerful activated carbon for air filtration on the market is installed. Each lamp is supplied with a filter as standard.

The housing of the activated carbon filter is made of already recycled bioplastic. By self-filling the activated carbon filter, consumption can be reduced to the pure activated carbon and, if necessary, the fleece, which is good for the environment and the wallet.

IMPORTANT: When closing the filters, please ensure that the screws are screwed in flat with the surface of the filter. They should therefore not be screwed in too deeply or still protrude from the housing. Please read the operating instructions before changing the filter.

Technical data of the activated carbon:

    • Type: molded carbon
    • CTC number: > 80
    • Origin: hard coal
    • Bulk density: 460 ± 30 kg/m³
    • Grain diameter: approx. 4mm
    • Water content: max. 5%
    • Iodine number: >1.000mg/g
    • Methylene blue adsorption: > 20g/100g
    • Specific surface area: approx. 1.100 m²/g
    • Benzene loading in air (20°C) at 288 g/m³ 44 ± 3%

General notes on handling activated carbon:

Activated carbon (especially when wet) can remove oxygen from the air in enclosed spaces, resulting in dangerously low oxygen concentrations. Before entering confined spaces that contain or recently contained activated charcoal, ventilate the space. Avoid dust formation. Powdered material may form an explosive dust-air mixture. When transferring the product under pressure, avoid the formation of dust if an ignition source is present. Activated carbon has a large surface area that can cause self-heating if oxidized.
Spent (used) activated carbon may change properties due to the absorbed material. Appropriate precautions should also be taken when handling these products.

General Information:

Because non-powdered activated carbon has a low dust content, it poses a very low hazard in the event of accidental workplace exposure. Therefore, the first aid information below is based on contact with powdered activated charcoal.

  • In case of inhalation:
    If coughing, shortness of breath or other breathing problems occur, remove person to fresh air. Seek medical attention if symptoms persist. If necessary, restore normal breathing by first aid measures.
  • In case of skin contact:
    Remove contaminated clothing. Wash thoroughly with soap and water. Seek medical attention if symptoms occur.
  • In case of eye contact:
    Immediately flush eyes thoroughly with plenty of water for 15 minutes. Seek medical attention if symptoms occur.
  • In case of ingestion:
    Do not induce vomiting. If conscious, give several glasses of water to drink. Never put anything in the mouth of an unconscious person. Seek medical attention if symptoms occur.

Personal Protective Equipment:

  • Respiratory Protection: Please use a half mask with a P2 filter or better (minimum e.g. an FFP-2 or N95 mask).
  • Hand protection: We recommend wearing dust-proof gloves (e.g. latex gloves), so that the activated carbon dust does not get stuck under the fingernails or contaminate other things with the hands.
  • Eye protection: Please use protective goggles with side shields or gas-tight protective goggles.
  • Skin and body protection: Standard work clothes that may (and probably will) get dirty.


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